Ways to Use Synthetic Urine to Pass a Workplace Drug Test

fake urine for passing drug test

The last thing a person who has been using drugs expects is to pass an upcoming drug test. Urine has been tipped as the best sample for drug testing as it’s effortless to get the sample, and it’s cheap. However, using urine for drug testing has given folks a chance to cheat the test by using fake urine samples.

But the question is, how do you use synthetic urine to pass your drug test? So, here is what you need to follow;

Choose the Right Brand

To start with, not all synthetic urine on the market can provide what they promise. Therefore, you should ensure that you use the right brand. You can go with Epicdetox fake pee to pass your drug tests. Purchasing synthetic urine from a reputable brand not only does it guarantee a product that’s not expired, but also almost assures you of passing the drug test.

Follow the Instructions

Instructions on how to use it are crucial to your success. To avoid suspicion, place your synthetic urine in a microwave for about 10 seconds to ensure it gets to the right temperature of about 98 degrees. To keep it warm, you can use hand warmers or even your body heat.

When pouring it into the cup you’re provided in the lab, ensure you it fast but carefully because it loses the temperature very fast. Therefore, don’t delay the process too much.

Be Aware of the Weather

Sometimes the weather can mess up with your synthetic urine. The urine you present in the lab should be at average body temperature, and therefore, you should protect it with some extra clothing when the weather is chilly.

You’re also supposed to beat supervision if that’s what is presented at your collection center. Ensure that you wear the right clothing to avoid your fake pee from being seen. Usually, bulky clothes are the best for protection.

Furthermore, a urine belt with a plastic tube would be a dream to have when collecting your sample in the lab. Alternatively, a prosthetic penis device for male folks would cut any suspicions. Also, before getting into that testing facility ensure that you must have practiced how to use fake pee to avoid slipups.

Nevertheless, it’s good to take precautionary measures such as checking not to receive counterfeit products. Check also the ingredients used to ascertain that your synthetic urine has the right composition as that of natural human urine. A temperature strip and a heating pad should be provided to help in keeping the sample temperature in check.