Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home


The fitness life is not for everyone. Some gyms are intimidating for beginners or even people with an active lifestyle because they have many huge types of equipment and it’s occupied by people that seem to know what they are doing. You may feel awkward or even out of place which makes the experience not enjoyable.

Why not work with what you have and not make any excuses because there are so many easy exercises that you can do at home by yourself. All you need is a space big enough to place your yoga or exercise mat, or even by climbing the stairs and you are good to go. Continue reading this article if you still have doubts that your home can be your personal gym.


yogaNo house, apartment, or flat is too small for yoga. This exercise is very popular nowadays, and you can tell by the amount of internet personality and celebrities that shared their yoga routine or poses on social media. And though going to classes is going to help you to do justice to all the poses and movements because someone is there to correct you, it can be quite draining for your wallet, and you will have to commute to the class. There are many free yoga videos and application that you can follow to achieve whatever you wish from doing this workout.

Body Weight Exercise

If you are looking to get the same result with doing weights at the gym, there is nothing better than to use your body weight to challenge yourself and burn all the fat. To get creative is the key to make body weights exercises at home works. Get your personal trainer at home which is also known as Google or YouTube to find you just the right exercise. From planks, pull up, push up and russian twist, there are many combinations of movement that you can do without any weights but is guaranteed to make you sore the next day.

Cardio Exercises

exerciseYou need to like the exercises that you are doing so the workout can be a fun experience. And if yoga or body weights are not your cups of tea, you can try to do a cardio session where you will try to make all your whole body moves without putting anything extra such as stretching or weights on it. Mountain climber and jumping jacks are the two perfect example of easy cardio that anyone can do.