A Beginner’s Guide to Learning Guitars

a performing guitarist

Guitars are perhaps the coolest instrument humans have ever invented. Guitars can produce harmonious sounds as well as the punchy and raw ones. Acoustic guitars, for example, are notable for the fingerstyle, classical, and flamenco style. Electric guitars, on the other hand, can create harsh and powerful melodies, as commonly heard from rock musicians. We understand very well if you really want to learn and master this instrument. Therefore, we have devised this how-to guide for beginner guitarists. Read through!

Consider Learning the Acoustic Guitar First

playing an acoustic guitarAcoustic guitars do have differences compared to the electric counterpart, but the essence of the technique is the same. If you can play an acoustic guitar, you’ve got the basic to play the electric guitars. We give you this option because acoustic guitars are relatively straightforward to play and require low maintenance. If you start learning guitars with the electric model, you need an amp. And if you want to give the distortion effect, you need a distortion pedal. With an acoustic guitar, you can bypass all of those requirements and start learning the grips and strokes directly.

Start from Your Influence and Explore

an amp and guitarThe first time you got attracted to guitar, you must have been influenced by a band or musician. You should refer back to them and try to learn their guitar’s styles. As an example, Yngwie Malmsteen was the pioneer of playing neoclassical riffs and melodies in heavy metal style. If you are interested in his style, then you should learn other guitarists who have similar playing structure, such as Randy Rhoads, Ritchie Blackmore, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, and Tony McAlpine.

There are plenty of online websites to learn guitars based on genres. Dolphin Street, Jammit, Ultimate-Guitar, Justin Guitar, BobbyCrispy, Guitar World, and JamPlay are some examples. The next thing to do is to learn guitars and their anatomy.

Learn to Cover a Song

Not covering a song is the most common mistake beginner guitarists tend to make. You should think of this task as your test. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve memorized the music theories if you have never put them into practice, you will never know the development of your skill. However, you must now get stuck with songs that you like. You have to get out of your comfort zone and learn new things. If you’ve been comfortable with the sweeping and shredding techniques, you should try playing some slow jazz and Latin style.